Primary Classes – for ages 8–12

Holiday Program: Perform in a stage adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland

‘A Play in Five Days!!’ – January School Holidays 2014

This holiday program runs for five days, with the final day including a performance of a unique adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

Children will spend the first four days rehearsing the play in a fun and supportive environment. Rehearsals will include the teaching of the following skills:

  • Improvisation: Thinking on your feet
  • Voice: Finding the voice of your character, tongue twisters, speaking clearly on stage etc.
  • Stage craft: How to move, where to move on stage, stage direction
  • Movement: In terms of finding how your character moves, how does he/she move differently from you? etc.

The emphasis will be on drama as FUN and the play will be a ‘work in progress’ performance. This means that children may have their scripts on stage if required, and that the emphasis is on ‘fun’ rather than attempting a polished production (which is not possible in such a short space of time!).

The performance will be open to friends, family and the public.


NORTHCOTE/FAIRFIELD: The Theatre Husk, 161a Heidelberg Road, Northcote/Fairfield border

Our space, The Theatre Husk at no. 161a, is slightly back off the main road, in a small court of factory/warehouses. We are between SU Victoria (no. 157 on the city side) and Titan Storage (on the side away from the city). Melway Ref: Map 30, H12. Nearest railway station: Dennis. VIEW MAP


Michele Williams

Dates and times:

Four days of rehearsals:

Tuesday 21 January, 10am–2pm

Wednesday 22 January, 10am–2pm

Thursday 23 January, 10am–2pm

Friday 24 January, 10am–2pm

(There will be several short snack breaks and a short lunch break each day)

Performance day – Saturday 25 January:

Rehearsal: 10am–12pm

Lunch Break: 12pm–12.20pm

Performance: 12.30pm – for approximately one hour


$395.00 (inc GST) (cost is inclusive of costumes, props etc.)

There will be a $10 ticket price for family and friends to attend the show on Saturday 25 January.


Online via the Bookings page. When we have received your booking, we will get back to you with payment details.

Terms and conditions

There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes, regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for your co-operation in this.